EP out now!

So excited to release my debut EP, "Yesterday's Smile" today. You can download it right here on my website or through bandcamp.


SO lucky to have so many people that supported and helped with this project.


“Yesterday’s Smile” was produced by Alex Foster–Roman  
Mastered by Jay Hodgson  
Drums by Mark Swan (tracks 1, 2, 3) and Kabir Malik (track 4)  
Backing Vocals by Shanti Abbot (track 3), Erica Knox (track 2), Jesse Bydevate (track 1, 4) and Elliot Jarmain (track 5)  
Piano by Stefan Bruni (Track 2, 3) and Elliot Jarmain (Track 5)  
Bass by Nate Clapinson (Track 1, 2, 4)  
John Muirhead played guitar and sang on all tracks, played bass on track 3.  
Cover photo taken by Avard Woolaver in Kensington Market, 1983  

I owe many thanks to the patient and selfless people who lent talent, advice, gear, vehicles, and smiles that were vital to the creation of this EP. Dulwin Jayalath, Alex Lam, Patrick Dal Cin, Braden Phelan, Liv Cazolla, Crystal Mak, Ryan Thompson. To everyone who has come out to a show and to the many extremely talented artists that I’ve shared the stage with.  
Mom, Dad, Nicole – you’ve heard these songs about a million times from the basement and on stage. Without your support and love this would not exist.  
Peace, love, and happy listening

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